Sharing the Moment!

It’s just a fact that no matter how well you plan, there will always be someone very special who can’t make your big day!  An elderly relative, an overseas sibling, there’s always someone.  Work colleagues, who you would love to have there, but it’s not feasible to invite everyone.   Livestreaming is an obvious answer but there’s livestreaming and there’s livestreaming.  We are not wedding videographers turning our hand to livestreaming.  We’ve been livesteaming for twelve years, not only in Ireland, but in UK and in mainland Europe.  We use up to five remotely controlled cameras at a height of approx. 3m so as to minimise intrusion and maximise viewing angles.  You will not see us moving around during your ceremony!  We will be tucked away in a corner or, sometimes, in an adjacent room.  The recording is available almost immediately after the ceremony so the happy couple can re-live the emotions while it is all still so immediate and real.  Many couples are now using the livestream recording as an alternative hiring a videographer.   Do have a read of some of our testimonials which, we hope, are helpful.

So what do we offer?

  • We normally use 3/5 cameras, remotely controlled and at a height of 3m to maximise viewing angles and minimise intrusion. These cameras pan, tilt and zoom to get the best possible shot and it means we can be practically invisible
  • The stream can be hosted by us or we can give you an embed code for a website of your choice ( we strongly recommend not using Facebook or other social media as they can detect copyrighted music and cut the broadcast)
  • It can be password protected if required.
  • It can be viewed on any device
  • We can incorporate up to 4 live video calls of well-wishers or speakers into the broadcast. Please note, this is not Zoom as we can decide which shots go back to the online guests as well as having a “back” audio channel to talk and direct them.
  • A complete recording of the wedding in HD would be available minutes after the ceremonies.
  • Price for covering the ceremony is €520 -€580, depending on location plus €150 for covering speeches

Emma and Michael