We start with a plan that very much includes you.....

The very first thing we do is discuss with the client what they want to achieve.  As this is Live Streaming and it cannot be fixed later, preparation is key.  Do you want images, presentation slides, name captions?  These must all be organised in advance.  We can operate with a single camera or up to five cameras, no two presentations are the same.  Indoor or outdoor, from practically any location, we can bring you to the world.   In most situations, the organisers will have their own presenter but if that is a problem, Wilson Porter is a very experienced commentator and can step into the breach if required.

Flexible solutions to accommodate your requirements

We can organise the internet connection ourselves and stream at a speed that most viewers can download.

All footage will be recorded and made available on line later

Just some of the things we can do!

  • The Player can be embedded on your own website or a site (or multiple sites!) of your choice
  • It can be password protected.
  • PIP (Picture in Picture) This is, for example, when a lecturer is in one shot and a PowerPoint slide is in another shot but both on screen at the same time.
  • In many cases, we can stream two separate broadcasts simultaneously to two different players.
  • Logos can be add or watermarked.
  • Titles or scores can be constantly updated.
  • We can seemlessly add a presenter or contributor from anywhere in the world with our easy to use software.
  • We can broadcast directly to your FaceBook page.
  • We can add advertising or information videos as well as images and audio.